Pastoral Plan

Dear Parishioners,
We are excited to share with you the three-to five-year pastoral plan for Holy Spirit Parish. As you review this plan, look upon it as an opportunity to engage yourselves in the future of our parish. Next, comes the most important phase of this project—putting the pastoral plan into action! It will take the work of all of us to make this new vision of our parish a reality. We will be seeking parishioners who are willing to share their gifts and talents to take this plan from paper to reality. We cannot do all of this on our own. We can only do it with God’s help, and supporting one another. To paraphrase what is said to those to be ordained, to those making religious profession, and to those about to become Catholics, May God, who has begun the good work in us, bring it to completion (cf. Philippians 1:6). 

Father Louis T. Kaminski, Pastor 
and Parish Pastoral Council
Pastoral Plan
Please Click below to download a copy of the Holy Spirit Parish Pastoral Plan.
Pastoral Plan


GOAL 1: To establish and maintain a communication network that will enable the community to access parish activities, resources, news, and needs.​

A. Creatively employ all means of communication to connect the parish and local community. 

B. Explore social networking opportunities for the parish to promote information sharing and community building. 

C. Prepare a calendar of monthly events coordinated to prevent conflict of activities. 


GOAL 1: To provide opportunities for all the faithful to participate in spiritual growth.
A. Provide a vibrant faith formation program for children, youth, and adults.
B. Enhance our Parish School of Religion that unifies all worship sites.
C. Support and enrich faith formation experiences to deepen the faith of our members and strengthen our parish community.
Goal 2: To encourage involvement withing the parish community and be accepting of new ideas.
A. Establish a focus group to gather feedback on enhancing the liturgy.
B. Develop a system that immerses the newly-baptized and family into the life of the parish and the church.
C. Expand opportunities for dialogue to enrich the spiritual life of the parish. 


GOAL 1: To create a welcoming environment where people feel a sense of belonging and accep-tance.
A. Recruit and train ministries of hospitality such   as greeters and ushers. 
B. Develop ways to create a sense of welcome and participation. 

GOAL 2: To create a liturgy that involves children, youth, and young adults.

A. Add a monthly youth Mass to our weekend Liturgical schedule. 

B. Integrate children and families into the Liturgy when appropriate. 
GOAL 3: To enhance parish ministries by encouraging members to share their gifts and talents.
A. Encourage active participation in worship opportunities. 
B. Enhance the formation and ongoing training of Liturgical Ministers. 
C. Promote quality music as a core component of Liturgies. 


GOAL 1: To listen, identify, and respond to the needs of the parishioners.
A. Establish a team to seek the most
effective way to serve the needy, such
as bereavement, child care, elderly,
and homebound.
B. Develop guidelines to respond to
requests seeking assistance (such as
obtaining food, shelter, clothing, etc.).
GOAL 2: To challenge parishioners to give of themselves in service.
C. Create an updated parish directory of
contact information and areas of interest and/or needs.
A. Identify, evaluate, and publish service
activities currently underway in the
B. Actively enlist parishioners to contribute their time, talent and treasures to benefit our parish.